The Annual Armistice competitions were held again this year on Armistice Sunday 12 November 2023, after the 2 minute silence.

The competition format is 11 shots fired single handed with the strong hand, 11 shots single handed with the weaker hand and a further 11 shots fired using both hands.  The highest scoring 30 shots count for the final competition score.

The Armistice Trophy is shot with any service issue .455 calibre pistol from the Great War era. A total of 11 shooters took part a record number of entrants in this competition which first started in 2011.  This year Jack Hanca was victorious for the first time winning the Armistice trophy, a large scale replica of a .455 cartridge.  2nd place was Tara Leighton-Dyson and 3rd place was Will van Zanten.

The Badge match was then shot in which any service or military pistol with fixed sights can be used.  This was Tara Leighton-Dyson’s first time winning the trophy which is a large poppy with a wooden plinth made specially for the competition by Nic Jee.  2nd place went to Eric de Saumarez and 3rd place to Mark Cole.

The Sauerkraut (Wooden Spoon) competition was also shot, using any Axis Powers issued pistol with fixed sights.  This year the Wooden Spoon was won by Aaron Finigan (a re-count of scores later in the day realised an error which actually meant that John Leighton-Dyson should have won) but it was too late as the scores had already been announced,  John was therefore 2nd and Aaron’s father Pete was 3rd.

The final scores, including re-counts which amended the announced results are available here.  The results for the trophy winners as announced on the range will stand, other placings have been adjusted.

Armistice 2023 Full Results


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