The Draft Development Framework which has been published for consultation reflects Policy OC9 in the Island Development Plan 2016 which states that:

“The change of use of existing leisure and recreation facilities to other uses will be supported where it is demonstrated that the existing facility can be adequately replaced on an appropriate site within the terms of the policies of the Island Development Plan or it is no longer required.”

Thus para 5.32 of the Draft Development Framework, referring to the model aeroplane club and the Chouet 25m pistol range, states that: “unless it is demonstrated that these outdoor formal recreation uses are no longer required, an adequate alternative provision for these formal recreation uses must be provided in connection with the development. The impact on the existing leisure and recreational uses would need to be considered and responded to by the development.”

We intend to submit a response to the consultation from Planning, from which it will be clear that the Chouet range and adjacent facilities, including access by road from Mont Cuet Road, is very much still required.

The Club has a legacy of success, and we hope that the final version of the Development Framework will provide at least as much assurance as is set out in the draft, if not more, regarding the preservation of the Chouet range, and related facilities, for the future.

Chouet Range and the operations of Guernsey Pistol Club meet exacting safety standards for the protection of club members and of the public. On 1 April 2019 the Chouet Range and Guernsey Pistol Club were granted the approval of the Home Affairs Committee, as an Approved Firearms Range and Approved Shooting Club, under Guernsey’s new firearms regulations. We think it would be very challenging, to put it mildly, for any developer to provide an alternative range: not only would those exacting safety standards need to be met – the impact on surrounding amenities and occupiers would also have to be considered.

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