Please read important information below regarding Covid-19 and the GPC Ranges, which is issued in order to comply with current advice from the States.

Mont Arrive – CLOSED
With effect from midnight 18 March 2020 the Mont Arrive Range will be closed to all shooting. This includes all shooting – the Range is not to be used by ANYONE.

Chouet Range
For the time being Chouet will remain open subject to the following conditions:-
  Any member/Range Officer over the age of 70 is strongly advised not to visit the Range, as per the advice which has been issued by Medical  Authorities.
•  Any member/Range Officer who has been away OFF ISLAND (ANYWHERE – UK INCLUDED) MUST NOT visit the Range for a period of 14 consecutive days following their return to the island in accordance with the New Instructions from the States. This is LAW.
• Any member/Range Officer of any age who is at higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19 infection, or who lives with a person at higher risk, is strongly advised not to visit the Range until further notice.
• Any member/Range Officer displaying ANY SYMPTOMS of Cold/Flu/Persistent Cough MUST NOT come to the Range until 7 days after they are fully recovered.

Links to the Guidance supporting our decision is at the end of this post, which we ask that you take note of to understand the Risks.

At the present time we believe that because Chouet is open air and individuals can maintain 2m distance from other shooters, that we can still operate as normally as possible for the time being.

Ultimately the decision to come and shoot is yours, knowing the Risks which may be present. We encourage members not to be selfish and to consider others first. Any Range Officer can ask any Member who attends the Range and falls into any of the above categories to leave if they are considered to present a Risk or be at Risk.




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