Paul Guillou has provided an update following the November scores submitted, he sends his apologies for the delay..

In the .22 ISSF division there were some high scores this month. Jack’s 98 and Andy’s 96 were improvements on their October scores so they both gained a few points to put them at the top of the table, equal on 195 aggregate. Everyone improved on or equaled their October scores except Paul.

In the .22 non-ISSF division, Jack again improved on his October score, putting him at the top of that table. Eric and Nic are close behind. Jack is also at the top of the .32 ISSF table, equal with Paul, but he obviously has a smaller handicap. Eric has the lowest handicap and has been consistent in these first two rounds.

Jack also tops the next two divisions – .32/.38 and .45/9mm as he improved his scores over round 1. Lyndon has the lowest handicap and is shooting consistently well so far.

In the Tristar division (this is .22 + .32/.38 + .45/9mm), Jack is leading by 9 points with Eric and Paul only 1 point apart.

Paul plans to recalculate the handicaps after the December round.  A link to the results is below.

Winter 2023-24 Competition Results Nov

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