Join the Guernsey Pistol Club


Application Process

There is a probationary period of up to 90 days for prospective members.  Club officials will make a determination and may invite non-members to join at an appropriate time. Full membership of the Club is normally required in order to obtain an FAC for pistols in Guernsey. The Police require you to be insured for shooting activities as part of the FAC/SGC application process, and this condition is fulfilled through full Club membership.

The Directors of the Club retain the right to either invite or decline to invite, a prospective member to join. Club Officials and the duty range officer have the right to stop anyone shooting on the grounds of safety at any time.

Prospective Club members will be expected to attend and shoot regularly in the 90-day probationary period.

On joining the Club, a Joining Fee is payable together with the required annual subscription to use either one or both ranges. A pro-rata subscription may be available at the Treasurer’s discretion for anyone joining towards the end of a calendar year.

Any questions should be addressed to the Secretary –

We look forward to welcoming you at the range. The weekly shooting session for members and all visitors is held at Chouet range on Sundays (subject to weather conditions) from 9:30 – 12 am.  The range is situated at Chouet headland: take the first turning on the left off Mont Cuet Road, after passing the Chouet car park. Car parking for the range is available past the Martello Tower.  Red ‘range in use’ flags will be flying to denote that shooting is in progress.

To become a full member you will need to complete the Membership Application form linked below. 

2019 Membership Fees

Individual Membership Options:

  • Chouet outdoor range only – £85 per year
  • Mont Arrivee indoor range only – £85 per year *
  • Chouet and Mont Arrivee range – £130 per year *
  • Overseas Members – £45 per year

*Note that an additional fee of £23 per year is payable by members who wish to enter the GARA air pistol league

Family Membership Options:

  • Chouet outdoor range only – £140 per year
  • Mont Arrivee indoor range only – £140 per year 
  • Chouet and Mont Arrivee range – £185 per year 
  • For a single full member and a non-shooting family member, the fee is as per the individual options plus £15 per year/per family member.

Membership fees are due no later than January 1st for that year.

Membership fees can be paid by cheque, cash or bank transfer.  Please contact the Club Secretary for payment details if you prefer to pay by bank transfer.