We are now operating for Full Members only using a Booking Service only.  If you wish to book you must email in advance to request a time slot (see below times) and wait to receive confirmation of your booking.  Please do not turn up on the day without receiving a booking confirmation or without making a booking, you will be turned away.  Please email JGLD1@aol.com

The range will operate in timed squads –  which include setting up and exit from the range.

Squad 1 – 08.30am until 10am

Squad 2 – 10.15am until 11.30am

Squad 3 – 11.45am until 12.45pm


GPC reserves the right to refuse access to anyone who appears to be unwell or is exhibiting any Covid-19 type symptoms.  Please do not attend if you are unwell for any reason.

Only 5 firing points will be in use at any one time – total number of persons on the range is limited to 7 (RCO + 1 and 5 shooters).

There will be no inductions, no probationer shooting and any member who does not have a personal firearm should not ask to shoot at this time.

The range will operate one squad only at a time on the range; those waiting in the next squad should remain in the car park area unless either the range door is open, or you are called.  Please do not knock on the door as it will not be opened.  Social distancing in the car park and range area is to be observed please at all times.

Target line protocols – only the RCO and assistant will change and patch targets.

A short briefing will precede each squad starting to shoot.  Hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser are provided on the top level above the steps and hand sanitiser will be available on the range.


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